GO Australia! Brickworks Building Products has partnered with a selection of unique Australian creatives to show their support for the Australian Olympic team through a celebration of colour, design and innovation, championed by the Burlesque glazed and Allure Collections from Brickworks Building Products.


Industrial Designer Tom Fereday: “I attempted to reinterpret the glazed bricks as bold pieces of minimal furniture, each piece using the inherent properties of the bricks in combination with solid timber. The deep blue and pine pieces were made at three heights to represent the Olympic plinth.”

Each creative utilised the concept of pop-art fused with 1 of the 5 Olympic ring colours, to portray their vision in support of the fellow Australians participating in the 2016 Rio Olympic games.


The various multi-disciplinary creatives used their imagination through their core careers, interrupting their ideas into a stylised installation in the form of: art, sculpture and product design.

Designer & Stylist Emma Elizabeth: “Inspired by the effect of multiples from past and present pop-art culture, through repetition and neon accents. I wished to create an electric interior set, that gave the sense of buzz, drive and energy of which the Olympic games and the Australian Olympic team are driven and encapsulated by.”


LOCAL DESIGN through their creative black book pulled together leading faces to respond to this brief, shot in studio at their creative concept space and HQ in Sydney by resident photographer Fiona Susanto.



Floral Artist Lisa Cooper: “In my work with flowers I develop compositions of tonal and textural complexity. For the brickworks project I meant to incorporate the beautiful rich red of the bricks – the starting point – into a monochromatic tableau of red. Fire engine red velvet, red satin ribbon, deep red paper and fragrant crimson red roses.”



Artist Kate Banazi: “A challenge to the regularity and conformity of everyday life. Playing with the ideas of participation, working and fitting together in different ways with different depths and perspectives. Every piece an individual.”


Fashion Designer Gary Bigini: “I wanted to create a set that had an eclectic and carnival feel, like that of Rio. I feel by using the bricks to create more of a feature wall, it created a separate space for different people to do there own thing or share.A reference back to the diversity of cultures that attend the Olympics. By adding extra colour through my polka dot print from Resort 17, I created a visual journey to a new wonderland.”

We have all, as the campaign sings, Aspired to Greatness, through working with the range of glazed bricks from Brickworks Building Products.

Images by > Photographer Fiona Susanto

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