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Alex Fitzpatrick

With a love for science and nature, Alex Fitzpatrick is dedicated to social innovation and design.

Born in Calgary, Canada, and growing up in three continents – Canada, India and Australia – Alex Fitzpatrick has experienced vast differences in environment, climate and culture which has inspired a passion for place and nature found in all aspects of his life and work.

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  • Eon


    Light is responsible for our mood, our comfort and our interactions with our surroundings. Eon is part simple geometry, part alchemy, with a feeling of movement and energy. The design is broken down into three elements that correspond to three simple two-dimensional geometric shapes. They all work alone but collaborate together to create a unified whole –with a hidden single integrated LED chip allowing 50,000 hours of life.

  • LightGarden


    The energy efficient LightGarden allows you to create a customised lighting experience, limited only by your own imagination. Whether you use one, 10 or 100 fittings, the modular functionality allows the user to create an organic and abstract pattern across a surface, allowing each installation to become completely unique. This personalised garden of light brings the essence of nature and your own creativity and inspiration.