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Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson is an accomplished Industrial Designer, product engineer and is the Principal of Vert Design, a design house and studio practice based in Redfern, NSW. As an industrial designer he sees his role focusing on how to create ‘beautiful forms that relate to people in whatever level they’re meant to. And for him, those forms can be anything from a chair to a conveyor belt piece — while the latter might generally be regarded as less aesthetic than the former, its beauty is in the realisation of its purpose.

His commitment to fostering young designers has manifested in mentoring, lecturing and teaching roles undertaken with numerous Australian educational institutions. Simpson refers to his practice, currently consisting of seven designers, as a ‘design house’ rather than a studio. He defines a design consultancy as a ‘gun-for-hire’ practice, and design studios as practices that produce their own concepts and take them to market. Vert sits somewhere in between — they work with a lot of clients on various industrial design products, but will also develop their own products and pieces, both functional and purely aesthetic.

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