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Elliot Bastianon

Elliot Bastianon is a furniture designer based in Canberra, Australia. Graduating in 2012 from the Australian National University with a BA/BVA (Honours), he has a diverse material palette and attempts to extrapolate the most from everyday things around him; often combining materials in ways that he hopes will direct his practice down a path not often taken.

For Bastianon, furniture isn’t just something utilitarian. It’s an apparatus of communication, a tool to deliver a message or encourage a different way of seeing the world.

Bastianon is also the founder and studio director of the shared workshop, Six Wiluna, a place that provides machinery and space for early career designers to develop their practices.

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  • Six Fold


    Six Fold is a bench seat that uses six individual sheets of EchoPanel® to function as an underframe, turning a non-structural material into a supportive element.

  • Orientation


    Orientation is a coffee table that marries two materials and presents a contemporary object informed by traditional craft techniques.