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Fred Ganim

Fred didn’t originally undertake formal design training, but his background as a specialist props maker / sculptor in the film industry over many years has instilled in him an incredible framework of creative thinking and problem solving skills which now drive his own creative projects. In the early 2000’s, during a quiet period between jobs, he enrolled in the Melbourne Guild of Fine Furniture.

Since completing this course, Fred has continued to work in the film industry intermittently, but he’s also been honing his woodworking skills with various custom furniture projects for friends and clients. He’s an intuitive designer and a skilled craftsman, with an incredible eye for detail.
Fred Ganim, the 32 year old Melbourne-based artist, whose DNA has determined that he would one-day do something of design consequence. And that day has come! Attempting the design triple-pike, Ganim has hand-crafted a collection of fine furniture that is timeless, but of its time; that nods to past movements while saluting 21st century Australian style; that speaks of our cultural sophistication while serving basic human needs. “Fashions may change,” he says. “But the human form doesn’t.”

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