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Jaclyn Pokrovsky

My own work is, if not always, imperfect. We constantly seek perfection on a number of levels, an act that is conscious or unconscious, planned or unpredictable. Imperfection is a lesson in making, or conversely, the beauty of making. This is perfection, or at least the pathway that carries us towards our own definition of perfection. With imperfection comes endless possibilities.

My brand LiTTLE LON began as a lesson in making. Learning the process of slip casting, this medium quickly became the the favoured process used within LiTTLE LON. Captivated by craftsmanship, materials and finishes, working with my hands has always come naturally. Clay as a material has something elemental to it. Its raw, beautiful and holds endless possibilities, with each cast having its own unique qualities and nuances.

As an Industrial Designer, I have begun to realise the necessity to continually rethink and change perspective in order to create new and exciting outcomes. As designers, we have the ability to create objects that possess great power. Humans live in story. By using narrative within the design process, or as a direct inspiration for design work, we are able to escape the traditional viewpoint of Industrial Design. Instead, the use of narrative allows ideas of material culture and design to be approached in a more poetic manner. This is what I hope LiTTLE LON will achieve as it grows.

Based in Melbourne, each object is made by hand and is inspired and driven by narrative.

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