• LightGarden


    The energy efficient LightGarden allows you to create a customised lighting experience, limited only by your own imagination. Whether you use one, 10 or 100 fittings, the modular functionality allows the user to create an organic and abstract pattern across a surface, allowing each installation to become completely unique. This personalised garden of light brings the essence of nature and your own creativity and inspiration.

  • Spyder


    Spyder light (2016) brass, flexible joints, magnets.

    Answering our studio need for a flexible lights source that could be moved easily and quickly, daast leveraged the abundance of metal shelving with a bespoke solution. Adapting a rubberized sheath used by electricians to join cables, both metal and electrical elements are joined to create flexible legs and house magnets.

  • Umbra


    Umbra sculptural light wall sconce, is a collaboration piece between graphic artist Kate Banazi and industrial design student Ryan McGoldrick. The two worked together to create these pieces for Milan Design Week 2017.