Due to its free spirited nature Ventura Lambrate is a go to destination during Milan Design Week. What we feel they do so well is create a fusion platform for design, food and innovation on a experiential and approachable level. Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph a Danish textile artist, print and material designer, as well as a researcher, made us do somewhat of a double take. This highly passionate designer with a new style towards design, had on show what we perceived to be embossed textiles made out of fish skin. On further inspection and through Cecilie’s poetic gestures we were able to discover her rich and raw rational behind this project.



Cecile’s projects ‘Food as Image’ & ‘Velbekomme’ is based around her personal interest in food responding to the ever increasing focus on food and it’s relation towards trends. Food is inspiring in many new and unusual ways and obviously it is a vital source of sustenance however it evokes passion and use as an experimental material. To Cecilie it became an inspiration source within the fields of fashion, art and design. She saw the possibilities to open up a playful cross section with a twist on Scandinavian popular cooking aesthetics. The project is raw, experimental and about capturing a modern atmosphere of food, eating and dining. This combination of Nordic idealisms captures in a sophisticated way the interplay of space, textiles, interiors, food and fashion.

c_1.Food as an Image8

c_Food as an Image9

C_Food as an Image1

c1.Food as an Image16

c1.Food as an Image15

The two projects are both similar in their vision however ‘Velbekomme’ involves experimental approaches to the translation of design motives onto food. By using food based print pastses and food waste materials such as fish skin and vegetable peels, Cecilie has created new substrates. ‘Food as an Image’ is also a collection of printed and experimental textiles designs with a playful and diverse approach to the inspiration source. We couldn’t believe how beautiful caviar beads could be as a textile, creating efficacy, tactility, depth and a powerful connection with a luxury delicacy. This hands-on designer has a very experimental approach to creating fabric manipulations and innovative finishing techniques. Always searching for a fresh perspective, she has a strong aesthetic and a sensible eye for details, styling, colors and trend forecasting that extends beyond the fabric itself. In 2014, she graduated with honors from BA Textile Design with a specialism in print, at Central Saint Martins’ School of Art and Design in London. Cecilie has also worked as a Trend Researcher and Consultant on a research project for Chef Works. She is currently based in London, UK and is excited for the future and always open for collaborations and exciting projects.

Images of exhibition by Emma Elizabeth
Project images by Per Krogh for Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph

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