A design studio of innovative solutions, projects and experimentation, daast is the combined design thinking of Andrew Southwood – Jones and Alexander Kashin. The designers met while studying architecture at University of Technology Sydney. Recognising a shared fascination for putting unusual materials to innovative use, they soon started working on design outcomes together.

There is no specific style or direction in their designs, which allows for more freedom. Main thing is the process, it has no beginning or end point. It is all about things and ideas which emerge, transform and morph along the way.

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  • Spyder


    Spyder light (2016) brass, flexible joints, magnets.

    Answering our studio need for a flexible lights source that could be moved easily and quickly, daast leveraged the abundance of metal shelving with a bespoke solution. Adapting a rubberized sheath used by electricians to join cables, both metal and electrical elements are joined to create flexible legs and house magnets.

  • Harpoon Coffee Table


    Harpoon Joint collection (2014-2015). Harpoon Coffee Table

  • Harpoon High Stool


    Harpoon Joint collection (2014-2015). Harpoon High Stool

  • Harpoon Low Stool


    Harpoon Joint collection (2014-2015). Harpoon Low Stool

  • Numeral Aluminium


    ‘Numeral’ house numbers (2014), CNC milled aluminium.

  • Numeral Concrete


    ‘Numeral’ house numbers (2013), cast concrete,¬†stainless steel¬†back plate.