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Tom Fereday

Honest Design, true to materials and it’s process.

Tom Fereday develops products based on the principle of honest design, conveying a design process which celebrates the materials and manufacturing processes behind furniture and products. By using the environment as a positive design constraint he guides intelligent and thoughtful design outcomes which connect with people through natural materials, tactile finishes and innovative design.

We strive to create enduring designs which are meaningful to people and their environment.

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  • WES Collection


    The Wes collection explores into the traditional techniques of piping and combining traditional upholstery techniques with minimal contemporary design. Wes armchair, 2 seat lounge, ottoman, angled arm lounge, convex lounge, straight arm highback lounge and Wes angled arm highback lounge.

    Variety of fabric and configuration options available.

  • Bow Chair


    The Bow Chair was developed on the principle of honest design to be true to the material and process of solid timber. Named after its slender arching backrest, the Bow Chair conveys a design tension between sharp edges and soft undulating faces.

    Each transition of the Bow chair highlights the elegant, natural grain of shaped timber. Unique dado joins celebrate rather than hide its construction and thoughtful consideration for solid timber ensures minimal waste.

    Produced by Design By Them & available in a variety of custom timbers and finishes.