Harpoon Coffee Table

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Designer: DAAST

Harpoon Joint collection (2014-2015). Harpoon Coffee Table

700mm D | 450mm H
American Oak | American Ash | Black Japan > with solid aluminium joint or brass joint
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The Story

A design studio of innovative solutions, projects and experimentation, daast is the combined design thinking of Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander Kashin. Winners of the SOYA Qantas program, the designers met while studying architecture at UTS. Recognising a shared fascination for putting unusual materials to innovative use, they soon started working on design outcomes together.

“Defining the emergent design acumen of daast is a smoothly elegant object aesthetic of tonal nuance, textural finesse and very clever thinking. “ Gillian Serisier, Co-Editor (Inside)


Harpoon Joint collection (2014-2015).

Answering our own brief for a universal joint that would be both versatile and rigorously engineered for stability and weight bearing, the Harpoon Joint unites material strength and simplicity of form. Ostensibly a mechanical element, the joint can be sized to suit applications across height and width while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. This universal joint holds a piece of furniture together in compression without any glue. Only one nut needs to be tightened to put a sturdy stool or table together using Harpoon Joint.

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