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Designer: Kate Banazi

Umbra sculptural light wall sconce, is a collaboration piece between graphic artist Kate Banazi and industrial design student Ryan McGoldrick. The two worked together to create these pieces for Milan Design Week 2017.

300mm wide by 90mm deep
Aluminium & Acrylic
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The Story

Kate Banazi and Ryan McGoldrick or rye were introduced through LocalDesign.
The two have similar ideologies on re-use, distortion and the manipulation of substrate and light and decided to work together to create an item that will be shown during Milan Design Week 2017.

The concept of the piece was to create a collaboration of two halves, where the juxtaposition of two practices and personalities meet whilst not compromising our individual voices. For Kate, this was an extension of her perspex and paper artwork which reference identity, interlocking shapes, relationships and shadows cast. For Ryan, it was equally the rigorous process of creation and design as building relationships and mentorships within the design community.



The aluminium light shades were hand spun in Mittagong and hand finished at the workshop facilities in the University of Canberra. They were then given their anodised finish by the team at F!NK Design in Queanbeyan.

Precision metals of Queanbeyan produced some of our assembly whilst the lighting component was machined and hand finished using the workshop facilities at the University of Canberra.

Custom colours, sizes and finishes available.

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