Kozminsky has been Melbourne’s most loved Jeweller since 1851. To celebrate 165 years, Kozminsky has collaborated with Emma Elizabeth, founder and creative director at LOCAL DESIGN to create this 1/1 project. Emma Elizabeth worked closely with the passionate team at Kozminsky to come to the conclusion that the celebration of 165 years, a mega milestone, could be something celebrated through the theatre and eye of the design world.


Kirsten Albrecht owner of Kozminsky, is such a unique connector and advocate for the the arts, the fusion of her ethos with Emma’s energy and eye was the perfect unity for this anniversary project. Looking to the Australian design community that already worked with the aesthetics of facets, reflections, jewellery and history, Emma Elizabeth approached the designers to create a 1/1 piece that evoked a memory or celebrated a new memory in the making, like that of the unique pieces available at Kozminsky. Emma Elizabeth worked along side a great team including art director Andi Ross to bring this vision to life, across all assets including imagery and installation.

After the success of Round Diamond Rug through acclaimed rug house Designer Rugs, Emma Elizabeth wished to create a 1/1 piece that heightened the experience and sense of this design. The usual design is created by utilising a blend of hand tufted New Zealand wool with either silk, bamboo or viscose. These additions to the wool, add what the viewer perceives to be some what of a reflective and metallic quality. This monochromatic piece for Kozminsky has reflective levels that will never be repeated that display a one of a kind sense of elegance and grandeur.


To celebrate 165 years of Kozminsky, the Pedestal for a Pearl Table references 19th century furniture of Kozminsky’s founding years. Made up of multiple pieces of solid wenge, each piece is slightly twisted to suggest the process of turning, used commonly to create victorian elements of furniture pieces. The piece is set with a single Australian White South Sea pearl, the timber base acting as a pedestal to highlight it’s natural beauty.



Ross Gardam has created a 1 of 1 limited edition Polar Desk lamp featuringa 23K gold plated disk for Kozminsky’s 165 yearanniversary. Gold plated bolts at the base and side mechanism combined with a goldplated engraved plate on therear of the disc highlight and define this rare collectorspiece. A circular motif is used throughout Polar defining its minimal operative form. The product utilises a unique magnetically attached arm to allow the disc to rotate around the body directing or shading light. A friction disc in combination with magnets molded into the ceramic body allows the arm to snap into place and to function. Polar’s ceramic base is handcrafted using traditional slip casting and the surface is bisque fired and presented unglazed.



In 1818 convict architect Francis Greenway conceived the Macquarie Light Station in Vaucluse (Australia’s oldest lighthouse which was later rebuilt in 1883), after which the convict was given his freedom by Governor Macquarie. The Greenway family of lighting was created to pay homage and reflect the qualities of one of Australia’s oldest architectural and functional landmarks. This collection draws on both the aesthetic attributes of Sydney’s iconic lighthouses and the modular ideals of AlexFitzpatrick’s globeless LED luminaires. The limited Greenway luminaires are finished in brushed pewter with a clear hand-blown glass diffuser to reflect Kozminsky’s exquisite antique jewellery collection.



The Bailey light represents a design exploration into merging traditional glass blowing techniques with minimal design. Inspired by traditional optic glass moulding the light utilises the ancient Italian technique to create an intricate linear glass shade. A minimal hovering light fitting highlights the symmetrical lens shaped form of the light and elegantly glows from it’s centre. The first series of lights were hand blown with one of Australia’s leading glass blowers Brian Corr and highlights the skill and craftsmanship of hand blown glass. The light is intricately hand made from glass and machined solid brass fittings. The colour selection was based around the idealism of gems and stones and how they refract.



Inspired by the naturally occurring geometric forms of Quartz. This limited edition collection of vessels reflects the prismatic beauty and semi-precious qualities of what is amongst the Earth’s most abundant minerals. Each QTZ element is in a 1-off electroplated rose gold stainless steel using advanced technologies and craftsmanship to insure they meet the highest standards.



ORP: Oblique Rhombic Prism celebrates sacred geometry, ascribing symbolic and sacred meanings to geometric proportions and shapes, and associated with the belief system that a higher consciousness is the creator of the world. Geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such as temples, mosques and churches are considered sacred; though ORP points to a more quantum based consciousness permeating all existence beyond human projections. The use of Lapis Lazuli in this artwork references the ancient and powerful qualities of this semi-precious stone; with a clear indication that ORP has become a piece of jewellry on a larger scale to celebrate the Kozminsky story expressed through the craftsmanship of Christopher Boots.


All of the 1/1 pieces will be available to view from November 11th into the new year, within the Kozminsky 421 Bourke Street store in Melbourne, on the second level. With all designers also taking over the stores front windows over the festive period. The designs are available for purchase directly in store or by emailing info@localdesign.com.au.

Images by > Photographer| Bronwyn Kidd Stylist| Emma Elizabeth Art Director| Andi Ross

Special thanks to Fiona Susanto Sydney portraits.

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